Pet Dental Cleaning and Polishing

Vet and staff examining a dog
February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Throughout the month of February, we are offering 15% off Dental Cleaning and Polishing.This discount does not include extractions or medications if needed. We recommend bringing your pet in for a dental cleaning at least once a year, so be sure to call us to schedule your pet’s appointment and take advantage of this offer! Five

Facts About Pet Dental Health

1. Any dog or cat can develop dental disease. Dental disease is a problem that develops over time as plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) build up on the teeth. Without veterinary dental care most dogs and cats will develop some degree of dental disease by the age of three. Bad breath, swollen gums, and buildup on teeth are among the first signs of dental disease but will lead to more serious complications if left untreated.

2. Dental disease causes more than just bad breath. When dental disease is allowed to go untreated, it develops into more severe problems like infection, inflammation, and chronic pain. Advanced dental disease can be a painful problem that goes unnoticed by many pet owners who may attribute their pet’s lack of appetite and loss of energy to normal aging.

3. Dental disease goes far beyond your pet’s mouth. In pets with dental disease, bacteria under the gum line can infect the jaw and make their way into the pet’s bloodstream, spreading throughout the body. This can have very damaging effects on internal organs like the heart and kidneys.

4. Prevention is key. The first line of defense against dental disease in your pet is home care. Brushing your cat or dog’s teeth every day will promote good oral health and prevent potentially expensive surgeries later on. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep your pet’s teeth healthy. You can learn how to brush your dog’s or cat’s teeth from these videos on our Youtube Channel.

5. Regular veterinary dental care is vital. Your pet’s dental health should be checked by their veterinarian at least once a year to identify any problems as well as clean your pet’s teeth and provide any necessary care for dental health problems. These procedures are done under anesthesia to allow veterinarians better access to your pet’s teeth and to reduce stress on the pets. Your pet will be evaluated before undergoing anesthesia to make sure the procedure will be safe for them. During the dental procedure, veterinarians and technicians will constantly monitor your pet’s vital signs to make sure all is well. These procedures are a safe and effective way to thoroughly evaluate your pet’s dental health and provide treatment.

If you want to have your pet’s dental health evaluated, call Galloway Village Veterinary at 417-866-6681 to make an appointment or visit our website.