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From wellness exams to surgeries…

Your pet is an important part of your family, and you want the best medical care available when they are ill. The veterinarians and staff at our hospital are ready to provide your pet with excellent care. From wellness exams and vaccines to complex surgical procedures, your dog, cat, or pocket pets will receive the best possible care at Galloway Village Veterinary.

A person gently holding a small bird on their hand


Dog sitting on a table inside pharmacy

Fully Stocked Pet Pharmacy

A lady vet examining a dog laying on table

Pet Anesthesia

A person making a dog bath in a bath tub

Pet Bathing

A dog's paws being gently held by a man outdoors

Pet Behavioral Medicine

Vet examining a dog with a nurse standing in the background

Pet Blood Transfusions

Dog lying on a pet bed with toys

Pet Boarding

Corgi dog standing on carpet with toys nearby

Pet Daycare

A person brushing a dog's teeth

Pet Dentistry

Vets examining a dog with leg injury

Pet Emergency and Critical Care

Maltese dog being groomed by a groomer<br />

Pet Grooming

An old dog laying on floor with a toy

Pet Hospice Care

A grey cat on a table being held by a vet

Pet Laboratory

Vet scanning microchip implant of a dog

Pet Microchipping

Cat eating food from a bowl

Pet Nutritional Counseling

A vet examining a dog with a stethoscope

Pet Pain Management

A dog sitting on a bed scratching on itself

Pet Parasite Prevention and Control

Dog on table with vet and owner examining its X-ray

Pet Radiology

A cat sitting on floor wearing an Elizabethan collar

Pet Surgery

Veterinarian performing an ultrasound scan on a dog

Pet Ultrasound

A vet in blue scrubs examining a cat

Pet Vaccinations and Wellness Care

Vets holding a puppy and kitten

Puppy and Kitten Care

Vet holding a rabbit in hand

Rabbits and Small Mammals

Vet and owner cuddling an old dog on table

Senior Pet Care